Episode 8 + Farewell for now

Kaddish listeners:

It’s been an incredible year of hearing your stories--connecting with listeners who shared the stories of their loved ones, who sought ritual, permission to own their stories and grief, who made space, who found company to walk alongside them on the path of grief.

We've released 9 episodes heard almost 7,000 times. Kaddish has hosted guests like poetess and author Dr. Joy Ladin, sex educator and death doula Megan Andelloux, organizer and preacher Pastor Naomi Leapheart, rabbis, artists, groundskeepers, academics, hospice nurses, and the people who made the Mushroom Suit at Coieo.

Before the Jewish new year sets in tonight at sunset, I wanted to share with you the final episode of Kaddish. You can listen on iTunes and Soundcloud, and you can watch the full show online, here.

At this time of year when the absence of our beloveds can feel particularly intense, may we feel them only more close. The distance between heaven and earth is shorter at this time of year than usual--tradition says that our prayers are more easily heard, our tshuvah (returning/repentance/repair) is more possible. May the separation between the dead and the living be a window, not a wall.

Kaddish will be on an indefinite hiatus after this episode. Thank you for all the ways you supported this project this year, thank you for sharing it with your friends, donating time or money to make the project happen! It is with deep gratitude we close this season. Thank you to our listeners, guests, makers and professionals behind the scenes. May the memory of those we hold close be for a blessing.

Love to you.

Creator and host of Kaddish the Podcast

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