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As the holiday of Sukkot approaches this evening, Jews and their friends will spend the next week in flimsy huts, with only plant life lashed together for a roof, and still enough space between the branches to see the stars.

Sukkot marks the end of the growing season and the celebration of the harvest, projects us back mythically to the Israelites wandering the desert and resting in temporary homes throughout the journey, and lets us land in community, in home, after the High Holy Day season of personal introspection. As I write to you, asking for fiscal support on top of all the generosity listeners like yourself have already shown, I'm thinking of the lessons of Sukkot. Lessons that teach us that no matter what we have, we can lash it together to create shelter, to find home, and space to
rejuvenate before we return out into the world.


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This project has been funded through my school, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, with a grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford. Part of this grant requires me to fundraise at a 2:1 rate--that means that I have to raise $10k this year in order for Kaddish to continue to flourish!

Some hilights of Kaddish's success thus far:
Over 800 listens to the introductory episode, The Words We Say and the Words We Mean.

4 episodes released between June and October featuring the voices of Elliot batTzedek, Megan Andelloux, Rory Schonning, Moe Lionel, Rabbi Amy Goodman, Deidre Scherer, Rabbi Linda Holtzman, David Zinner. All available to listen free online and iTunes.

Connected with dozens of listeners 1-1 about their stories and journeys

In the coming months:
December episode featuring the stories of Dr. Joy Ladin and Noach Dzmura, discussing the spaciousness that transgender affirming taharah can create.

Kaddish welcomes a producer! Alex Stern joins the team to improve sound quality and keep us on schedule!

Twitter chats, mini-events, and rituals + blogs on and social media.

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Jewish ExponentMoment MagazineReconstructionist Rabbinical College,JewschoolRitualwell, and listen to interviews on podcasts Treyf and Talking in Shul.

I care so deeply about this work, and am grateful for a year to dedicate my heart and brain to the thinking, research, and creation of podcasts that talk about death, mourning, and who we are while we do it. 

You can donate online here, tax deductible! Your support means so much.

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I know that you all are invested in so much good work, and for any reason if you can't donate right now, I so value your support of this in all the other ways you have already contributed to this work.

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